Dehumidifier Rental

Contact us for rates & availability

We now offer dehumidifiers units for rental.
Do send us an enquiry for further information on availability, rental rates, terms and conditions.

How it works

  1. Confirm availability and daily rental rate of the desired model via email/phone
  2. Prepare rental deposit in cheque or cash
  3. Self collect the unit at our office and place the deposit OR we can deliver the unit to you for a fee (deposit to be prepaid).
  4. Use the dehumidifier for the specified minimum rental period (usually 7 days)
  5. Return the unit to our office or we can collect the unit from you for a fee (the day of return, during working hours, will not be charged rental)
  6. We will inspect the returned unit, and process the deposit, refunding the balance after deducting the rental due.
  7. Early return (usually < 7 days) will still incur rent based on specified minimum rental period.