How Do Our Dehumidifiers Work?



How Dritech Dehumidifiers Work




The basic process of the technology behind refrigerant type dehumidifiers is summarized in a few simple steps.

  1. Air is pulled in with a fan blower in the dehumidifier
  2. As air flows through the dehumidifier, it comes into contact with the cooling coils, which extracts moisture from the air by lowering the temperature. The moisture is accumulated as water, and collected in a reservoir, which drips into a tank or flows out through the drainage outlet.
  3. The cold and dry air is then reheated and returned to the environment.

Features in the dehumidifier help to regulate humidity via a series of electronic controls and sensors.



Our units come with humidistats, which can regulate the humidity level of the air, by activating the dehumidifier when humidity rises above the desired level, and deactivating when the humidity level has been achieved.



Timer functions help to control the duration of the unit’s operation, for example, when you leave your home, you can set the timer for 2 hours and it will switch off automatically after 2 hours.



Memory function is useful for 24 hour operation, where the unit will restart automatically should power supply be cutoff and restored at any point in time. It works extremely well when used with a programmable timer, to control the periods in the 24 hours which the unit will be operational (for example, from 9pm to 7am only).