Tips for your Portable Dehumidifier


Room Temperature

Only run the machine when room temperature is below 35°C. The unit has risk of damage when the air temperature is too high.
If room temperature is very low (<20°C) or cold room conditions, you may require a more different unit designed specifically for cold temperature operation.


Enclosed Space

Keep the room enclosed, closing all doors and windows to prevent moisture inflow from fresh air exchange. Central air-conditioning systems will also introduce some fresh air depending on the HVAC design – this will increase the humidity load, which means you will need a more powerful unit to suppress the humidity.


Unrestricted Airflow

Keep the unit at least 6 inches away from walls if possible to allow air to flow more freely.


Bucket Placement

Make sure the bucket is placed back properly after emptying so that the water will be collected properly, otherwise there may be flooding and leakage which may damage the unit, and wet the area around the unit.



Clean the air filter in the unit when it gets clogged so that the unit may function efficiently. Empty the water tank when it is full to continue unit operation.